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Friday, 24 October 2014

Chapter 2...Get To Know Me Tag!


This week I have decided to do a Get To Know Me Tag, as I myself love reading these and finding out about things that I would never had known otherwise. As I haven't posted many blogs up I thought that this would be a great way of introducing myself to all of you. So go and grab a cup of tea (or any beverage you may prefer) sit back and read along with me...

Name- Charlotte
Nicknames-Char, Charlie really depends on the other person
Birthday- 31st of October 1998
Place of Birth- Wiltshire in England
Star Sign- Scorpio
Occupation- Dance Assistant

Hair color-Blonde
Hair length- It reaches the bottom of my elbows when its down!
Eye color-Blue
Best feature- I hate this question so I asked for someones opinion and they said my eyes so Ill go with that:)
Braces-Nope and I doubt that I will have any in the near future
Piercings- Only my ears, I'm too scared to get anything else done
Righty of Lefty- Righty, I've tried with my left but found that is it definitely impossible for my body to do that!

Best friend-Urm I think it would have to be a boy called Eric!
Award-I got my first ballet award when I was 3, I was super proud of myself!
Sport-Ballet, I was a total ballet girl and still am.
Real Holiday-Urm I think that it was to Spain r something like that when I was 7 months old
Concert- Mcfly, I loved them then and I love them now!

Film- I love Shaun Of the Dead and the whole Cornetto Trilogy
TV Show- The Real Housewives of....(all of them)
Color- Blue, any shade
Song-I don't really have a specific favorite it changes all the time!
Restaurant- I love Wagamamas
Store-Boots I am such a makeup fanatic
Book-Any Cathy Cassidy books
Magazine- Not too fussed on magazines
Shoes- My big chunky boots from H&M

Feeling-Cosy, I'm snuggled in my jamies watching YouTube videos
Single or Taken-Single!
Eating-Nothing but the last thing was Almonds
Listening to- A Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter vlog!
Thinking about- What I should write as an answer for my question
Watching- A Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter vlog

Wearing- My jamies!

Want Children-Yes, I want 3-4
Want to be married-Yes, I want to be married before the whole children part!
Careers in mind-I'm going down the medicine route I really want to be a doctor!
Where do you want to live- London, I love it there and it isn't to far from where I live now

Do you believe in:
God- Nope I don't believe In any god but I feel like if you do than that is you're choice entirely and I respect you for that.

Miracles- I think there is such things a miracles and that everything happens for a reason be it good or bad.

Love at first sight-Yes, I am such a soppy person and just love a good romantic film where the two people see each other for the first time and then everything just falls into place.

Ghosts- Nope I study science so I have good reason to not believe in ghosts.

Aliens- I totally believe in aliens, I think that its absurd that we are the only people in the universe!

Soul Mates- I believe that you probably have more than one person that you could be with or end up with in life but it all depends on the choices that we make, for example what if I hadn't missed that train and had to wait for the next one, you never know who you are going to meet.

Heaven- As I said I don't believe in god and I study Science, so I believe that when you die you're brain automatically thinks of something good as a response because all of you're organs are shutting down and that is 'heaven' or whatever you make it.

Hell- No I don't believe in hell or anything related to that.

Kissing on the first date- I think that it depends on the date but generally no;)

Yourself- I believe that life is what you make it and no matter what your choices you have the power to change you're life, if you want something go out and get it, stop saying no and start saying YES!

Well I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me and my life, 
I hope you enjoyed todays blog post, this is my first ever post and would love you to leave comments below and tweet me ideas for the next one! You can tweet me at SkyFullOfStarUK!
                                                Char xo

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chapter1...October Birchbox Review

 I decided to try out Birchbox's beauty box when I read and watched countless unboxing's of their products. At first I was extremely sceptical but recently I plucked up the courage and entered my details! This is my second month of receiving a box full of joy, and was very pleased with the contents so I thought 'hey why not blog it!' For those of you that have no clue about what I talking about I will explain, every month you get a box filled with beauty, hair and general pieces of loveliness. These are all catered to your profile they ask you about your skin type, hair type, favourite things and so on. I personally love this because it makes you feel special every time you open it, I turn into a small child on Christmas eve being able to open one present! So without further or do lets get on with the great unveiling of this months box entitled 'WORK IT!'

Firstly once I took of the lid I was stunned by a beautiful pink pouch which held all of my goodies!

After opening the pouch the first item I took out was Meaningful Beauty- Anti Ageing Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules. I personally don't feel the need for these as I am only 16 but I'm thinking that my Mum would love to give these a go! All of the items in the box are minis so you can literally try before you buy, the full size product costs £39.50

Sorry the picture isn't too good:)

The next item is Shaveworks- The Cool Fix. I love this product because it does really work! It claims to treat ingrowing hairs, razor bumps and after hair removal. This product comes into its own after I get my brows waxed, I have very thick brows so waxing produces lots of unwanted redness for me, but I just pop the cooling gel on after and it helps to cool down the skin also I love the smell it just reminds me of a lovely hot bubble filled bath. (If that description even makes sense hehe) The full size of this product costs £11.

Balance me is next with Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm, I have always been on the fence about face balms as for me I have very oily/combination skin and things like this tend to leave me with blemish after far I haven't encountered any mountains on my face but then again I haven't been using this for very long so I will have to give you an update! One thing that puts me off about this product is the smell, it smells very organic which to me isn't very pleasant. The full version of this costs £20

This product was an absolute saviour to me, as the wind and the rain set in my lips were getting progressively cracked. It is of course Pixi's shea butter lip balm. As the lip balm contains shea butter it is very smoothing and nourishing on your lips, also it has a slight nude tint which means you can have a bare face and still rock it! The full size costs £8.

Next I received Hair Play Dry Wax from KMS California. As of yet I haven't tried any of these sort of products before as they tend to make my hair brittle and dry, but Ill give this ago and report back! The full bottle costs £15.

Lastly I got a handy little pen shaped as a lipstick which I think is super quite and will definitely be going in my handbag as a handy essential.

Overall I really enjoyed this months box, I think its a great way to discover new products. Especially when you get things you wouldn't have bought for yourself! I hope you enjoyed todays blog post, this is my first ever post and would love you to leave comments below and tweet me ideas for the next one! 

                                  Char xo

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