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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Chapter 10...What to expect when you go to the breast clinic.

Hi guys,
For todays blog its going to be a bit of a story time post so grab a coffee get comfy! Lets just dive straight into the deep end, after Breast Cancer Awareness week rolled around I thought I may as well have a check (Ill link bellow a tutorial of how to examine yourself) my heart sank to the pits of my stomach when I found a lump near the bottom of my breast. I was so worried, in my head I immediately thought CANCER! If you ever find anything, tell someone, I know how worrying it is but you feel so much better. I told my Mum and she rang the Doctors and we got an appointment straight away, I have to say that throughout this process the waiting is the hardest. Waiting, waiting, waiting then finally I was called in. I did have a male doctor but please don't let yourself be put off if the doctor is the opposite sex, I promise you in the moment it wont matter to you, they are there to treat you not judge you.
Firstly we talked about how I found the lump, if I was on birth control (which I was the Evra Patch), if I had any discharge (nope) or discomfort (yes!) Then he asked me if it was okay if he could examine me and if I wanted my Mum with me, I did so we went over to the table and I removed everything from the waist up. At first I sat on the side to check the outside of the breasts and then I led back and he felt around a bit straight away he found the lump. Then we went back and he told me that he thought it could be a cyst. I wasn't very shocked at this as I have had them on my ovaries prior to this. He told me that he was going to refer me to the Breast Clinic. You shouldn't worry if they refer you to the clinic because it is a precaution and they have to do this! I was told that you typically get seen within two weeks, I got an appointment one week later.
Again it was another week of waiting...waiting...waiting then FINALLY! Monday rolled around, we walked into the clinic and it was pink everywhere which made it seem more cheery. When you hand in your letter to the reception desk they give you a questionnaire to fill out to help the doctors get all the information they need, it had questions like; is there any history of breast cancer and if so, who? Have you had any discharge? Have you had any pain? Is this the first visit to the clinic? Are you on birth control? I have to say that everything happens quickly, the nurse then came to collect me, she took me through to check my weight and height, then I changed into a hospital gown but I got to keep on my trousers. I was told that as I'm young, I will only be able to have a ultrasound scan. Then we walked down to the other waiting room, it really does feel like all girls together as your all in the same boat. There was a TV on to stop us from being to bored but as I said it happens quickly, I was ushered into the scanning suite and I led on the bed. All the nurses were so sweet and kind to me and helped to protect my dignity when possible. I had the scan and it was all fine he said that it was just a bit of breast tissue that had raised and that was what I was feeling. After I went and sat back in to the waiting room with the TV. About half an hour passed and I was called to see the surgeon. He reassured me that everything was fine and it may take up to a year for the pain to subside, but that I had to keep an eye out for any future lumps. Then I was free to go!
That is it for my story time! I really wanted to make this blog post because before my appointment I had no clue what to expect and had to dive in head first. I really hope that this helps some people and relieves the anxiety a little bit! Pease let me know down bellow your story or if this did help you, remember to share this post, comment and follow me on Twitter!
Thank you for reading and good luck!
Char xo


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post. I'm 20 years older than you (37!) and found it really helpful. I found a lump about 10 days ago and saw my GP last week and she referred me to the hospital breast clinic, where I'm going on Wednesday. It's really good to read someone else's experience that isn't just the clinical information they send out.

    1. Awe I'm so glad it helped! Please share it on for the next lovely person to read!:)xx