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Monday, 8 February 2016

Chapter 11...Top 10 Tips on how to survive Valentines Day alone!

Hi Guys,
I don't know about you all but I am very experienced when it comes to spending Valentines Day alone! Todays post is for everyone in the single squad, I hope these tips help you all out...

Tip One-
Remember don't overboard, your partner should love you no matter what so whether you go to a 5 star restaurant or eat take out in front of a movie as long as they know you love them and vice versa then that's all that matters. Don't feel like you need to spend buckets of money for one day, I mean lets be honest there shouldn't be one day to express your love it should be everyday...

Tip Two-
Following on from the first tip, if you don't have enough money to buy a gift from the shop, then make one! Spending 20 minutes on a DIY gift can show love a lot more than taking two seconds picking a card. Why not bake some cookies or for  healthier option wake your other half up with a special strawberry smoothie for breakfast in bed!
Link to these on the "cookies"

Tip Three-
Pamper yourself! Take some time to make yourself feel good, why not pick up a Lush bath bomb, my favourite is the Lush box called "In Your Dreams" it includes a Unicorn Horn bubble bar this is filled with calming Lavender oil and Ylang Ylang oil, also it has a "Tisty Tosty" bath bomb bursting with floral notes of Rose and Jasmine!

Tip Four-
Why not buy yourself a Valentines gift, no need to wait for a guy or a girl to buy one for you! Pick yourself up some flowers for your room or a box of chocolates for a midnight snack..

 Tip Five-
Don't have enough money to go out for take-out? No problem cook yourself a meal! Making a quick pizza takes no time and is super fun to have alone or even better share with friends!

Tip Six-
Talking about friends why not surprise a bestie with a Valentines gift, it will make them feel great and you wont be alone!

Tip Seven-
Watching a movie is a great thing to do whilst enjoying your home-cooked meal or if you want to make a night of it why not marathon a Netflix series, I'm enjoying "Orange Is the New Black", "Making a Murderer" and "Prison Break". I promise you wont regret it!

Tip Eight-
Feel like you want to go out! Then grab a group of friends and hit the town, but remember to be safe and responsible if you decide to partayy, DONT drink and drive! Ill link a video below about tips to stay healthy on a night out. REMEMBR drink lots of water and eat!

Tip Nine-
Following the last point, in general remember to stay healthy, for some people feeling alone is the worst feeling in the world and don't let it get to rock bottom, there are people that can help or just simply listen, I've linked below the Samaritans webpage. Remember if you need someone to chat to you can always email or tweet me, links below!

Tip Ten-
Finally, if there is someone that you take a fancy too....GO FOR IT! The worst that can happen is you get to do all of the tips above!
Thank you for reading,
 If you try any of these tips out then tweet me pictures!

Email Me!
Samaritans, someone to talk to :)
Alcohol Safety, please be safe everyone!

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